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    Changing Pathology Image by Image Minute by Minute

    LSI USA ’24

    Larry Dentice, President & Director of MUSE Microscopy, Inc., recently unveiled our groundbreaking SmartPath MUSE Technology™ (SmartPath) System at LSI (Life Science Intelligence) USA ’24, the Emerging Medtech Summit. SmartPath harnesses the power of Microscopy with UV Surface Excitation (MUSE) technology. Click the button below to learn more about our innovative SmartPath Direct-to-Digital Pathology solution.

    Transforming Veterinary Health

    “Finally, a revolutionary technological breakthrough for fast-tracking a tissue diagnosis and cancer margins by an onsite or remote pathologist anywhere in the world, from a point-of-care biopsy, within minutes, and without tissue damaging chemicals or cryosections.”

    – Dr. Jeffrey Edwards, DVM, MPH, MRVCS, DACVP
        Sr. VP, Clinical Development, MUSE Microscopy, Inc.

    In addition, for adoption of our SmartPath MUSE Technology™ (SmartPath), we are in the process of building a multi-tissue validation concordance study. Based on our initial findings, we are anticipating a high acceptance of this new technology.

    Rapid. Slide-free. Pathology.

    Powered by MUSE Fluorescent Technology

    Our Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed using universally accepted icons making for an easier workflow that uses an integrated touch screen to operate and navigate. Watch our GUI video to see how easy it is to operate our SmartPath instrument.

    Multiple Images in One Pass.

    Within Minutes.

    Benefits of SmartPath
    • SmartPath can produce results in minutes from fresh or formalin-fixed tissue samples, much faster than the hours or days it now takes pathologists to make a diagnosis 
    • This new end-to-end solution saves time, labor, and equipment costs 
    • Water-soluble, non-destructive techniques leave the tissue intact
    • Designed to enable non-destructive downstream sample analysis
    • Non-toxic chemical exposure to technicians
    • Instrument can be used in various healthcare and research settings (i.e., surgical suite, etc.)
    • Proprietary software is optimized for global digital image diagnosis and distribution

    Data Readiness for AI

    AI is now becoming widely accepted as a valid diagnostic tool in multiple medical clinical settings. AI-based technology companies can benefit from SmartPath’s data as a preferred platform for pathology diagnostic tools.