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    Rapid. Slide-free. Pathology.

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    Matthew Nuñez, President & Director of Smart Health Diagnostics Company (SHDC) as well as the CEO of Muse Microscopy, Inc., was one of five panelists at OctaneOC’s recent Medical Innovation Forum which included two of the top Hoag thought leaders. He introduced SmartPath MUSE Technology™ (SmartPath), a potentially transformative digital instrument developed to generate digital tissue images within minutes for pathologists to do a diagnosis. This technology uses a non-destructive water-based solution that can be sent to a pathologist anywhere in the world for a quick read.

    Tissue. SmartPath. Results in Minutes.

    Pairs with AI Technology.


    Our SmartPath platform is a slide-free diagnostic imager designed to transform the patient’s diagnostic-to-treatment cycle by generating a direct-to-digital image from a fresh tissue sample within minutes to send to the pathologist for an immediate read and diagnosis. 

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    Transforming Veterinary Pathology

    SmartPath is created to give crisp, high-quality pathology images within minutes providing actionable information for on-site clients. Time and costs are saved while pet care is streamlined leading to improved care.

    A New Patient Experience

    Millions of biopsies are performed each year with unnecessary stress caused by days of waiting for results. SmartPath can narrow the wait from days to minutes by shortening the biopsy workflow with their patented UV-based technology.

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