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    Experienced Leadership with Proven Success
    in Development and Commercialization

    Matt Nunez 02.24r
    Matthew Nuñez

    CEO & Director

    Currently serves as the CEO and Director of MUSE Microscopy, Inc. A seasoned technology entrepreneur and executive with more than 25 years of experience in bringing new products and concepts to commercial markets. He has special expertise in biomarker discovery and development and has been recognized as an innovator in a scientific journal for innovations in biomarker discovery based in systems biology. Matthew co-founded Liquid Biosciences, which focuses on advanced evolutionary computing and forms of AI and bioinformatics tools, and is highly proficient in complex mechanical engineering. Read More

    Larry Dentice

    President & Director

    Currently serves as the President and Director of MUSE Microscopy, Inc. In these commercialization roles he oversees the distribution of diagnostic and imaging platforms. Over 40 years of experience in the diagnostics imaging field, as a senior healthcare executive with proven expertise and experience in engineering, service, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and business operations. Read More

    Lance White


    Currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of MUSE Microscopy, Inc. Began career as an analyst on Wall Street. Obtained a master’s in accounting, became a CPA, and spent several years in public accounting at KPMG, conducting audits on public companies and providing transaction advisory services. Read More

    Bryan Davies 04.24
    Bryan Davies


    Currently holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at MUSE Microscopy, Inc. A successful PhD researcher with a proven track record as a technology chief. Has led agile R&D groups to win multi-billion-dollar efforts in AI across various business domains. These include satellite imagery, aviation navigation, digital surgical microscopy, and DNA forensics. He has provided thought leadership for product lines worth over a billion dollars. Read More