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    Darin Nelson

    Advisor & Director

    Began career in Veterinary Medicine in 1986 starting as a sales rep for a Veterinary Diagnostic Lab company in New York. From there later transitioned to a sales management role for another Veterinary Laboratory in Southern California in 1991. The company was acquired by VCA in 1994. Over the next several years VCA rolled up numerous Laboratories. Read More

    Ken Nelson

    Has a 30-year background in technology company development. CEO of Radius, LLC, and Digital Horizon, LLC, two leading providers of cloud-based PACS and RIS solutions, supporting over 1000 healthcare facilities across the US, until they were acquired in 2020. Read More

    Jason Strickland

    Brings a mature strategic mindset refined over years as a business entrepreneur in the tech industry. Areas of strength include business growth strategies, finance, operations, and strategic vision. Read More