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    Rapid. Slide-free. Pathology.

    Powered by Digital Fluorescent Imaging.

    Matthew Nuñez, President and Chief Business Officer, was one of five panelists at OctaneOC’s recent Medical Innovation Forum which included two of the top Hoag thought leaders. He introduced SmartPath Dx, a transformative digital instrument that generates digital tissue images within minutes. This technology uses a non-destructive water-based solution that can be sent to a pathologist anywhere in the world for a quick read.

    Please view our video to learn more about SmartPath Dx.

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    Smart Technology.


    • SmartPath Dx produces results within minutes rather than hours or days which reduces time, labor, and equipment costs
    • Uses water-soluble, non-destructive techniques leaving the tissue intact
    • SmartPath Dx enables downstream sample analysis
    • No toxic chemical exposure to technicians
    • Instrument can be used in various healthcare and research settings (i.e., surgical suite, etc.)
    • Software is optimized for global digital image distribution

    Veterinary Use

    SmartPath Dx gives veterinarians crisp, high-quality pathology images within minutes providing actionable information for on-site clients. Time and costs are saved while pet care is streamlined leading to improved care.