About Muse Micro

Muse Micro Expects to Fundamentally Change How Diagnostic Microscopy is Practiced.

The technology overcomes the limitations of traditional light microscopy.

  • Conveys more information than available with H&E
  • Captures 2.5-dimensional topographical information
  • Eliminates histological slide preparation
  • Eliminates the maintenance of microtomes

The Technology Is Revolutionary

Standard Microscopy Simply Cannot Compare

Breast tissue sample images using traditional microscopy and Muse Microscopy

Standard H&E

Muse Micro

Muse Micro Conversion

Muse Micro Vs. Traditional Light Microscopy

MUSE Standard Microscopy
Results in Minutes
No Slides Needed
H&E Compatible
Snapshot 2.5D
High Resolution
Tissue Remains Intact

Unprecedented Detail. Delivered in Minutes.

Diagnostic Quality with Subcellular Detail

Real-Time Slide-Free Pathology at Point of Care

Faster. Simpler. Less Expensive.

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