Patients & Providers

Why Patients and Providers See the Advantage

Digitized Images. Immediate Results.

Muse Micro image results are immediately available and ready to send electronically.

Results Within Minutes, Not Weeks.

Faster results, faster diagnosis- no matter the patient’s location.

No Re-Training Needed.

Users have the option to mimic H&E slides so that pathologists already know how to read the images.

No Formalin, Wax or Microbiome Maintenance.

Slide-free pathology eliminates handling formalin, wax clean-up/disposal and microtome maintenance/upkeep.

Life-Saving Speed and Resolution.

Results are not only immediate, but also highly detailed.  Abnormalities that do not appear on slides are more easily identifiable using UV surface excitation.


Slide-free technology reduces costs for patients and providers by eliminating costs for slides and supplies while decreasing labor time.

Provider Benefits

Providers can take advantage of the amazing benefits that MUSE can bring to practices. This simple and elegant technology instantly provides digital, amazingly detailed results.
A Safer Office Environment
Slide-free technology eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals that are required in traditional slide histology.
No Additional Equipment
No required additional and expensive light sources, yet it delivers diffraction-limited resolution. Images are created optically and instantly.

Set Your Practice Apart by Providing Results with Better Accuracy

The Difference is in the Details.

Conventional H&E is limited in many ways, including the ability to easily distinguish proximal from distal tubules. Muse Micro can identify these important differences due to the greater level of detail and dimension provided. As demonstrated in this image of a kidney, it is more difficult to distinguish tubule types using H&E. Also, collagen is not highlighted.

A Better Patient Experience

MUSE is dramatically revolutionizing the patient experience by drastically reducing test result wait time, minimizing time spent in doctors appointments and receiving faster diagnoses. Reduced time waiting for results also allows patients to begin treatments faster.
Economical and Efficient.
Location no longer determines the ability to get fast results. This is extremely advantageous for those who live in areas of the world where access to a pathologist or a histology lab is difficult.
It's Time to Bring Muse Micro to Your Practice.
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